RF Tomography

People sensing with wireless networks

The Technology


How RF Tomography Works

When people move in the vicinity of wireless devices, they affect the radio waves traveling between them in various ways. Our technology detects these effects and uses them to understand when people are present or moving in the space. It’s called RF Tomography, and XANDEM’s engineers have decades of experience developing and applying it.

The Advantages

Like other presence and motion detection technologies, RF Tomography is useful in a variety of applications, but there are a few features that set it apart from other solutions:

  • it can be added to existing wireless products via a software update
  • it is compatible with a variety of wireless protocols, including 802.15.4/ZigBee, WiFi, 800/900 MHz proprietary protocols, and more
  • it can cover large areas
  • it can “see” through obstructions, like walls and furniture, making it easy to hide from view
  • it can be deployed quickly

The Applications

The characteristics and capabilities of RF Tomography make it appealing for many types of people sensing. Applications include:

  • room occupancy monitoring for energy efficiency
  • motion detection for security and smart home automation
  • non-contact, less intrusive monitoring of elderly loved ones

Partner with XANDEM

Add RF Tomography to Your Product

Adding our technology to existing wireless products often requires no hardware changes. In this case, our engineers will work with yours to add XANDEM’s RF Tomography applications to your stack. After we’re done, your company will be able to offer valuable people-sensing features to your customers and deploy them with an over-the-air update.

In some applications, it may be desirable to build a custom hardware solution. Our hardware reference designs and manufacturing partnerships can help your company bring an RF Tomography solution to market quickly.

Contract XANDEM Expertise

Our team has decades of experience in developing radio frequency sensor solutions using a variety of physical-layer techniques including UWB, mmWave, and narrow-band systems. In addition, our team has a deep understanding of how to design systems for RF sensing, from the physical layer all the way to the user. Get in touch if you think we might be able to help you build a solution in this domain.

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